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Mission of «Felix»

Our principles

We are guided by the following principles when trying to reach our goal:

  • To enhance the Company’s reputation for reliability by all our actions, remaining committed to our obligations before the customers, partners and employees under any circumstances
  • To offer goods and services only of the high quality which give a customer a possibility not to repeat anyone else in their choice.
  • To strive for continuing improvement, realization of new ideas.
  • To develop other areas of Company’s business in the interests of a customer.

We guarantee high quality, reliability and professionalism.


The interests of our customers are our top priority and we guarantee that our customers will receive a wealth of benefits and advantages.
The service, that we provide, is certainly to be the best in the Russian market and to correspond to the world’s highest standards. We aim at increasing the number of the Company’s regular customers and at achieving the fair and long-term cooperation.

Our team

Our work approach is ambitious and creative. We build our relations on the basis of mutual respect and business ethics standards.
We appreciate a favourable atmosphere and a friendly business environment in our Company.
Each of us contributes to the creation of the goods or providing services of the very best quality.
We are responsible for the results of our own work and that of our division.
We consolidate the Company’s reputation of a firm and consistent partner in every possible way. We act in the best interests of the Company and its clients under any circumstances.
We grasp the opportunities of a professional growth and creative self-fulfilment provided to us by the Company.
We have social protection and adhere to a healthy way of living.

Partners and outside parties

We carry out our obligations, respect the interests of our partners and are always ready to maintain good business and friendly relations. We respect our competitors and abide by ethical principles in our business operations. The Company is basing on a legal platform when interacting with the public institutions and non-governmental organisations.
Our Company holds it its duty to provide charity and sponsor support.


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