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About the company

FELIX is the largest producer and supplier of office, hotel and home furniture in Russia. The company was established in 1991.
FELIX is the only nation-wide brand in this industry. According to the official data of the RBC information agency, the Company is a leader in the office furniture segment of the market. The Company’s share in office furniture sales in the RF amounts to 24%, the share in the office furniture production in the RF equals 22%. This is confirmed by the international reports, e.g. according to the Milan Centre for Industrial Studies (CSIL, Italy) FELIX accounts for more than 50% of the office furniture sales in Moscow. Currently the manufacturing facilities of the Company consist of two factories and ‘Zharkovsky’ woodworking enterprise (its area is 7,000 m2). All production sites are equipped with the state-of-the-art machinery which is second to none in Russia. The Company’s assets include advanced storage facilities with the total area exceeding 30,000 m2, more than 60 showrooms in Moscow, St. Petersburg, other cities in Russia and neighbouring countries.

The Company has its own retail network and franchising network which are unique in the office furniture segment of the market. This allows us to outperform our competitors in sales. The top-quality service helps to achieve such results, and this level of service is constantly supported by the results of much monitoring and many contests.

FELIX is a modern, successfully developing Russian company, a permanent leader in the office furniture market.

Product range

Presently the product range of the Company at the Moscow warehouse contains more than 100,000 furniture items and accessories by 70 top foreign and Russian producers. Our specialists keep monitoring the market to choose the most exciting and fashionable collections. The Company regularly holds tenders for the partners and updates the suppliers’ data base. It results in long-term cooperation with many leading world companies. The Company’s showrooms exhibit a large range of furniture items:

  • Furniture for top- and mid-level executives, exclusive collections, practical furniture for the staff
  • Computer desks as well as furniture for hotels and home, sliding door wardrobes and various accessories.

A wide model range enables each client to choose an individual furniture box.

The official guarantee for the furniture is up to 7 years, but as the experience has shown the real service life of the furniture reaches 10 years.

Certificate of Conformity

Certificate of Conformity

Awards of FELIX

Certificate of Safety No.0-0035 ТПП РФ

The Golden Diploma from the Moscow Chamber of Commerce

Diploma of the Prize-Winner of the All-Russian Contest «The Elite of the Russian Business» in the category «Business Style»

Diploma «Ideal Value for Money» of the All-Russian Contest «Excellence in Business. Furniture Industry»

Awards from the contest «The Leaders of the Domestic Production in Small, Medium and Big Business»: Diploma ‘The Leader of Modern Times’ and a «Pillar» statuette

Diplomas and Grand-Prix of the RF Ministry of Industry, Science and Technologies and the Russian Association of Companies of Furniture and Woodworking Industry for office furniture collections

The Golden Mark of Quality «The Russian Mark», founded by the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs and the Chamber of Commerce
of the RF

Winner of the 4th and 7th All-Russian Prize in the Timber Industry in the category «The Fastest Growing Company»

The Certificate of a Member of the Business Council of the Mayor and Government of Moscow

Gold medals and diplomas of the 3rd and 4th Specialized Fair «The Furniture of Russia» in the category «The Best Design Project» for a range of hotel furniture

The Company has been entered in the Federal Register of Good Faith Suppliers and has acquired a right to label its products with the mark of compliance «Good Faith Supplier - 2011»

Diploma of the Government of Moscow «The Best Furniture (Trading) Company»

At year end of 2013 FELIX Company was acknowledged as the Leader of the industry (Russian business rating version, drawn up according to the research data of more than 600,000 companies in the Russian Federation). The Company was awarded «THE LEADER OF THE INDUSTRY - 2013» Prize, the «Business Glory» Order and «The Professional in the Industry» Medal.

FELIX was awarded the status «THE BUSINESS OF THE YEAR - 2013», for taking the leading position in the rating by «The League of the Best»
International Economic Rating. The management of the Company received a status-award «The Business of the Year» and «The Leader of the Economy» Order.

Diplomas and Medals of Honour by the WTC for the high quality of the goods and services. The awards were  received at the 8th, 9th and 10th International Fairs «Hotel and Restaurant Business» in Moscow

Prizes of the winner of the contest «Crystal Bark» in the category «The Best Economic Partner in Logistic Support for Hotels» and the special prize «For Longstanding Partnership in Supplying High Quality Furniture to Hotels»

Diploma of the prize-winner of the All-Russian Prize «The Russian Trade Olympus» in the category «The Best Products Range and the Ideal Service»

The prizes of the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th All-Russian Contests «The Golden Networks» and the Grand-Prix «The Best of the Best» for the high-quality service and organization of the best retail network