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VALERY furniture collections combines noble appearance and easy maintenance. Wide flat panels, on which the majority of elements are based, draw your attention to the high class interior. In-built construction lends durability and resistance to damage even in everyday use what is especially important for hotels. The universality of the design is easily combined with the most corporate styles and fits rooms in minimalism and modern styles.

This contract furniture was designed specially for a big hotel complex.

Product range of collection «Valery»
SKU: ПТ-АГТ-Г210Х100-В1/49-299
Dimensions (cm): 95x66.5x233
Color: Shamoni oak
SKU: DG029-2/2/34
Dimensions (cm): 164x203.1x46.5
Color: Dark Milanese walnut
SKU: DG0040-3/2/34
Dimensions (cm): 94x203.1x46.5
Color: Dark Milanese walnut
SKU: ПТ-АГТ-ИЗГ375Х4-В1/1-299
Dimensions (cm): 375x3.8x160
Bedside table
SKU: ПТ-АГТ-ТМК50Х45-В1/13-299
Dimensions (cm): 50x43x60
TV stand
SKU: ПТ-АГТ-СТХ140Х55-В1/30-299
Dimensions (cm): 310x62x186.5
SKU: ПТ-ДН-ПНС240Х50-В1/1-968
Dimensions (cm): 240x1.8x5