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The manufacturing complex of the Company is represented by two furniture factories and «Zharkovsky» woodworking enterprise. In 2013 FELIX completed a large-scale production reorganization. The company has increased its capacities, the output has grown considerably (more than 2.5 times), the delivery terms have been reduced and the advanced quality control facilities have been introduced. The launch of a new automated line, as well as a complex mechanization and automation of production processes enable us to make furniture in any quantity whilst ensuring the minimal delivery terms. During the reorganization we purchased and launched the latest computer-controlled woodsawing, edge joining and gang mortising machines. The output exceeds 50,000 pieces a month. Today the Company’s range includes more than 60 collections of furniture of its own production: 15 collections for top executives, 9 collections for the common staff, 2 President-level boxes, 10 series of hotel furniture, 3 systems of office panels: mobile and stationary, 4 collections for receptions, sliding door wardrobes in 3 typical sizes.

The home furniture is represented by collections for lounges, bedrooms, entrance halls and studies. The model range of the lounge furniture amounts to 9 collections. 7 collections are made for bedrooms, 7 are produced for the entrance halls and 7 are designed for studies. The Company’s output accounts for 22% of overall office furniture industry in Russia. The share of the Company’s own products in its overall sales equals 70%. The Company has a right to mark furniture, produced at their factories, with the Golden Mark of Quality. Some series have RF patents. The manufacturing processes comply with the international standards of quality management systems which apply to designing, engineering, production, assembly and maintenance. Only high-quality and environmentally safe materials are used to manufacture our furniture. These materials are scale wood, medium density fibreboard and laminated chipboard (emission class – E1), as well as vapour-free UV ray hardening coating varnishes. Matte polished glass of elite brands, fittings and other accessory parts (including melamine and PVC edge bands for end facing) are bought from well-known producers of Germany and Italy. Our Company was among the first Russian producers to do veneering and incrustation, to produce furniture which is decorated with veneer sheets and genuine leather as well as to manufacture office furniture from glass.

Our state-of-the-art warehouse occupies an area of more than 30,000 m2. It is equipped with sixteen hydraulic lifting platforms each of which has a lifting capacity of up to 3 tonns to the height of 7 m. We can simultaneously load up to 20 vehicles. The storage capacity amounts to 250,000 furniture items which ensures timely deliveries of the orders to the customers. Our customers and partners can always see novelties in our range and achievements of the Company by taking part in tours around our manufacturing facilities.


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