«Maestro» is an office which you can describe as a refinement of thought and perfection of execution. Careful design in both small details and in general style is obvious. The elegance of the collection is emphasized by the latest technology of finishing of the edges, i.e. shaped milling. Expressiveness of ergonomic shapes of the elements of the model line in combination with their functionality enliven the business atmosphere and encourage creativity. An extensive range of models provides the opportunity to arrange offices of any layout and space. The furniture is made of high-quality MDF and LCB.

Available colors: Italian walnut

The main colors of the collection
Italian walnut

Product range of collection « Maestro»
Combined cabinet
SKU: MS0158-1/1/49
Dimensions (cm): 44.8x43.8x204.6
Color: Italian walnut
SKU: MS0154-1/1/49
Dimensions (cm): 89.6x43.8x134.5
Color: Italian walnut
SKU: MS0153-1/1/49
Dimensions (cm): 44.8x43.8x134.5
Color: Italian walnut
Top of a wardrobe
SKU: MS0172-1/1/49
Dimensions (cm): 149.1x44.4x2.5
Color: Italian walnut
Fridge cabinet
SKU: MS0163-1/1/49
Dimensions (cm): 89.6x43.8x73.4
Color: Italian walnut


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