A wide model range of the ‘Victoria’ furniture gives a freedom to a designer in creating original and comfortable hotel interiors. The use of high quality materials and warm shades of wood colors will make it possible to create a cozy and coherent arrangement in a room of any layout. The furniture is made of high quality chipboard, 18 and 25 mm thick, with the high quality laminated surface, which is resilient to mechanical, heating and chemical damage. The surface is embossed with the ‘pebble leather’ pattern. The chipboard ends are faced with the shock-proof PVC edge band, 2 mm thick. Some elements are made with the application of the ‘softforming’ technology. The cupboards in this collection are of the same size with various types of doors: regular swing doors, ‘bi-fold’ (‘book’-type) and sliding doors. The height of supports of the cupboards and tables can be adjusted if the furniture has to be installed on uneven floors.

The main colors of the collection
Light Milanese walnut


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