Aesthetics and Dynamics

‘Status’ collection is executed in a fashionable minimalistic style. The well-thought-out possibilities for variations with this model range and a wide choice of colours allow us to create a unique office for each client. This series has been worked out with consideration of requirements in the modern world for ergonomics and functionality of the office furniture.

The main colors of the collection
x Maple
Complementary colors HIDE
Product range of collection «Status»
Asymmetrical table
SKU: STS0031-2/3/99
Dimensions (cm): 160x80x74.5
Color: Maple
Low table
SKU: DG002-1/4/99
Dimensions (cm): 70x50x48.5
Color: Maple
SKU: UNFO0006-1/7/99
Dimensions (cm): 29x54x20
Color: Maple
Reception desk
SKU: UNFO0010-1/8/99
Dimensions (cm): 150x80.7x114
Color: Maple
Reception desk
SKU: UNFO0009-1/8/99
Dimensions (cm): 160x70x114
Color: Maple
Reception desk
SKU: UNFO0008-1/8/99
Dimensions (cm): 120x70x114
Color: Maple
Reception desk
SKU: UNFO0007-1/8/99
Dimensions (cm): 80x70x114
Color: Maple
Reception desk
SKU: UNFO0011-1/8/99
Dimensions (cm): 90x90x114
Color: Maple
Side panels of a reception desk
SKU: UNFO0005-1/10/99
Dimensions (cm): 57.9x1.8x114.5
Color: Maple


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